The State of Avenues During COVID-19

How do you talk about COVID-19 to people with intellectual disabilities? Ben Drew, Open Future Learning Coronavirus is changing people’s lives dramatically. People can no longer take part in activities outside the house, meet with friends, go to work or clubs or...

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Heather Hardman – Women’s History Month 2020

Heather Hardman grew up in Connecticut with her family, where she attended Belhaven school for students with autism.  In 1987, Heather and her family moved to Santa Clarita, California, after writing letters to Scott Shepard, the new Director of Jay Nolan Community...

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Dr. Jacki Anderson – Women’s History Month 2020

Dr. Jacki Anderson has been a key member of researchers and trainers who paved the development of what we now know as Positive Behavior Interventions & Support (PBS/PBIS). She was the Training Coordinator for the NIDRR Research and Training Center on Positive...

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Avenues Current State of Support – April 1, 2020

Click on Link Below to View: Avenues Current state of support 03-22-2020 Posted April 1, 2020 - Avenues SLS is featured as contributors to the April 2020 Special Edition Newsletter:  Making Quality a Habit - Putting Person-Centered Practices to work, focusing on...

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COVID 19 – Information & Presentations To Share

COVID-19 Information: Click on the link below to view. COVID-19 Info to share with people we support Supporting people, their families, and the people that support them through COVID-19: A Service Provider Perspective Presentation in English: Click on the link below...

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Kathy Gee – Women’s History Month 2020

Dr. Kathy Gee is a full-time, tenured Professor in the Masters of Education Special Education Teaching credentials program (MASET) at California State University, Sacramento (CSUS). She coordinates the Specialist Credential in Extensive Support Needs in the Department...

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Eileen Medina – Women’s History Month 2020

Eileen Medina moved to Santa Barbara, California in 1977. She began her work in special education when her 3rd child, Matthew, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. She was a staff development trainer in special education for the California Department of Education for...

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Barbara Ransom – Women’s History Month 2020

Barbara Ransom received her B.S.Ed. in 1971 with the thought that she would do what she had been born to do — be a teacher — for the rest of her life. Barbara applied her teaching credentials to almost every level of education — wisely leaving the middle school...

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Ilene Arenberg – Women’s History Month 2020

Ilene was one of the performers in the televised Jay Nolan (JNCS) telethons which raised money to fund initial services for Jay Nolan in the early 1980s. She later became one of the starting participants in that agency's residential Apartment Program in 1981. In 1988,...

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