Chris’ Community & Volunteering Story

Chris, like many adults, moved into his own place with two paid roommates just before his 20th birthday. 15 years later, Chris is very active and happy, living in a house he shares with one paid roommate. He is an avid walker/runner and loves participating in 5K's on...

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Melanie’s Volunteer Work

This is Melanie. Melanie has been with Avenues Supported Living Services for over 22 years. She loves helping the community. Melanie volunteers throughout the Santa Clarita Valley. Melanie helps out at The SCV Food Pantry weekly. There she organizes donated food and...

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Dan’s Volunteer Work

Meet Dan. He has been with Avenues Supported Living Services for over 20 years. He volunteers in the community 5 days a week. He travels an average of 150 miles each week getting to and from his volunteer destinations. Dan spends time twice a week at The Placerita...

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Avenues SLS Volunteers

Today we kick-off our year-end Volunteer giving campaign. See our new crowdfunding page by texting the word fuel to 71777 Or, you can copy and paste the link below into your browser to see all of our volunteers in action. Donations are...

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Thank You Cornhole Attendees and Sponsors

Thank you to everyone that volunteered, donated, sponsored and attended the September 8, 2018 Avenues SLS' 2nd Annual Cornhole Tournament at Wolf Creek Brewery. Everyone that came to the event took home a Wintrust Mortgage printed cloth tote holding coupons, business...

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Toby Bazan

Valued roles and friendships within the community provide each person with the best opportunity to achieve the good things in life. (Ramsey, 2007, pg. 9). As family members, friends, service providers and support staff, we can strive to do this “by placing greater emphasis upon the importance of social contribution, intentional relationship facilitation, valued roles…

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Jose Perez

You aren’t always happy when you get the things you want. Jose taught me that. When Jose got something without working for it or buying it with his own money, he would become irritable, demand more, and often ended up selling the items that he got. There’s more to life than “stuff”. Relationships are better than stuff. Jose taught me that too.

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Ronda Michaelson

Throughout her 70 plus years, Ronda has persevered, sometimes in spite of all the support professionals with good intentions. Ronda’s story is similar to that of many senior adults labeled with intellectual and developmental disability; however, her drive to be independent, along with the evolution of positive behavior support, self-determination, and person-centered…

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